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With higher density equipment now being deployed, good air management is essential for efficient data center operation.

gForce IR In Row Cooling Unit

The gForce IR is the only in row cooling unit that is…

When Computers First Started Getting 'Hot,' Data Aire was There

For over 40 years, Data Aire has been in the lead of precision air control for data processing centers. In the beginning, overheated and humid data centers resulted in paper sticking, head crashes and static electricity which were culprits of many serious interruptions. Data Aire’s innovative technology has resolved these problems in thousands of mission-critical applications.
Data Aire has been supplying the telecommunications industry, as well as other industries, like financial, technological, insurance, health care, government, education and entertainment, with the most cutting-edge equipment on the market. Saving data. Saving energy. Saving money.
Data Aire’s sales and engineering staff are happy to assist you in defining the best solution for your particular application. Even if that means modifying standard products to meet your unique needs. No two data rooms are alike and our staff is well-aware of that fact….Each one brings with it its own set of challenges. Product design and development is on-going as application needs change. Data Aire is equipped to offer you product configurations and options to match your installation requirements.

Real metal provides great performance and aesthetics

UL certified

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Rack & Row Solutions

With higher density equipment now being deployed, good air management is essential for efficient data center operation, and eradicating troublesome “hot spots” in data rooms or mission critical applications takes the right equipment. With Rack and Row Solutions from Data Aire, you can finally move the hot air and get the cold air directly where it needs to be – with no wasted energy and no misdirection.

The gForce IR is the only in row cooler that is quickly adjustable to direct cold air within 90 degrees. Other in row coolers often miss the mark by not targeting hot spots directly, wasting energy and money. With the gForce IR, you can get the cold air exactly where it needs to be thanks to its curved air exiting geometry that utilizes the Coanda effect. The gForce IR:

  • Allows you to adjust air-flow to the front of racks
  • Can be situated between servers, across from servers or to the left or right of servers
  • Comes equipped with the advanced dap4 controller for ease of use
  • Fits flush with the server and doesn’t protrude into the cold aisle