Performance Coatings

CS Hygienic Coatings are designed and formulated to provide versatile solutions for challenging project requirements, particularly where infection control and anti-microbial performance is important.

Wallsheen™ Hygienic Performance Coating

CS Wallsheen Hygienic Performance Coating is a durable emulsion coating providing superior…

Wallflex® Hygienic Performance Coating

CS Wallflex® Hygienic Performance Coating is a superior and versatile hygienic wall…

Armourglaze® Hygienic Performance Coating

The toughest polyurethane coating system available, which will withstand rigorous cleaning with…

Coatings You Can Trust

CS Hygienic Coating Systems for walls and ceilings have been applied in healthcare environments for over 40 years. Their anti-microbial properties are highly effective in infection control of the coated surfaces. Different performance levels can be achieved by choosing the appropriate system for the project criteria.

Typically used in the full range of healthcare environments, as well as many other facilities, where durability, hygiene and maintainability are key requirements.

The durability of CS Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings is testimony to the quality of the products and their performance in clean environments means they can be trusted to help protect your facility for many years.

Available in standard and custom colors

Product applied with paint roller

Color and UV Stable

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Download the brochure

Introduction to Hygienic Coatings

  • Durability and Lifecycle

The high resin content in all CS Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings ensures excellent durability, with a typical lifespan of a system in excess of 10 years. After this time the surface can be restored by an application of just one of two coats of Topcoat. It is essential to ensure that the scrub and abrasion resistance of the chosen system is appropriate to the type of usage expected.

  • Microbial Resistance

CS Wallglaze coatings contain a cocktail of non-leaching biocides and will inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi on their surfaces. These properties will remain effective throughout the long design life of the product.

  • Aesthetics

CS Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings are available in a wide range of colors. Colors can also be matched to project requirements.

  • Environmental Considerations

For instances where the building will be occupied during coating application, or when a completely solvent-free system is required, use Wallflex or the waterborne Wallsheen system.

  • Chemical Resistance and Cleaning Regimes

In the areas where rigorous and aggressive cleaning is expected it is essential to use the high performance Armorglaze system.

  • Impact Resistance

For areas likely to suffer from impact damage, we recommend upgrading standard systems with fiberglass reinforcement.

  • Substrate

CS Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings can be applied to almost any type of substrate, providing the surface has been primes with the correct product.