Parking & Stadium

Several innovative Parking & Stadium Expansion Joint Cover designs to improve parking garage construction

HB Parking Garage & Stadium Cover

The HB Parking Garage & Stadium Expansion Joint Cover is a “Hybrid” compression seal…

HF Parking Garage & Stadium Cover

HF Series Parking Garage & Stadium Expansion Joint Covers consist of a…

PDA Parking Garage & Stadium Cover

PDA/PDAW and PDS/PDSW Parking Garage & Stadium Expansion Joint Covers are exterior…

ZB Parking Garage & Stadium Cover

ZB Series Stadium & Parking Garage Expansion Joint Cover is a revolutionary…

ZBSM Parking Garage & Stadium Cover

ZBSM Series Stadium & Parking Garage Expansion Joint Covers are a revolutionary…

KB Parking Garage Cover

KB Series Parking Garage Expansion Joint Cover is an all metal cover…

KBC Parking Garage Cover

KBC Series Parking Garage Joint Cover is an all metal cover for…

PTC Parking Garage Cover

The design of PTC parking expansion joint cover allows for the vertical…

Expansion Joint Cover Colors & Finishes

CS Expansion Joint Covers are available in several colors and finishes. You…

Custom Covers for Unique Projects

CS has been helping architects solve complex building movement problems for over 45 years. Since every project has its own special movement criteria, one of our standard designs may not be right for your project. A large percentage of our projects require custom expansion joint covers. The CS team of technical experts can design a custom cover to meet your project’s specific requirements. And with the industry’s only full-scale expansion joint test chamber, we can show you in person that your expansion joint cover will function as designed and will work under real-life conditions. Our test chamber is capable of testing the world’s largest joint covers.

Real metal provides great performance and aesthetics

Withstands heavy rolling loads

UL certified

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Download the brochure

CS Parking & Stadium Covers

Parking Covers and Seals 25-406mm

  • CS parking joints covers are designed to eliminate problems associated with standard parking joints. CS Zip Block seals install quickly without messy elastomeric concrete. CS KB and PTC metal covers can handle constant rolling loads without breaking or loosening.