Infill Sunshades

Perform and Shadowline sunshades reduce heat and glare while providing filtered light.

Perform Aluminum Sunshades

CS Perform Sunshades provide buildings with effective sun control, yet offer stunning…

Shadowline Aluminum Sunshades

CS Shadowline Aluminum Sunshades combine standard CS Grille and CS Sun Control…

Sun Controls Colors & Finishes

CS Sun Controls are available in several colors and finishes. You can…

Enhanced Design, Lower Energy Costs

CS offers a complete line of fixed and operating sun controls that save energy, reduce head and glare, allow filtered light to enter the building interior and permits occupants to see out. Cantilevered & Suspended Sunshades are highly customizable. Architects can select from a wide variety of blades, outriggers and fascias. Infill Sunshades reduce heat and glare while providing filtered light. Airfoil Lux Illuminated Sunshades add drama to your building day or night. Daylight Systems direct light deeply into the building. Solarmotion Architectural Blinds and Controllable Sunshades track the suns movement for maximum solar control.

Available in standard and custom colors

Real metal provides great performance and aesthetics

Powder coating available on all metal components

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Download the brochure
Download the brochure

Create a Dramatic Visual Statement

CS Shadowline combines several standard CS Grille/Sun Control components to create a custom appearance. Designed for effective sun shading with projections up to 2 meters, Shadowline Sunshades are perfect for use on curtain walls and standard construction. Select from a wide variety of infill patterns, fascia and outrigger styles.

CS Perform sunshade system provides buildings with effective sun control, yet offers stunning visual effects by admitting soft dappled light. 2 styles, dozens of options. CS Perform curved and flat sunshades employ a slender custom designed tube support that mechanically captures our perforated sheet without the use of unsightly welding. The Perform systems can be designed to meet any wind or snow load.