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The industry’s most durable door now has equally durable frames to match.

Door Frame Systems

When we developed the Acrovyn® Door, it changed the industry. Finally there…

The Acrovyn® Difference

PVC-free Acrovyn 4000 contains no halogens, monomers or other known persistent PBTs, is tested to CAN/ULC 5102.02 and is UL Classifies, Class A/1 fire-rated and labeled. This revolutionary material has a contemporary texture that designers and owners overwhelmingly prefer over other companies’ wall protection because of its cleanability and aesthetic features. Acrovyn’s full creative palette includes solid colors, Chameleon patterns and real woods to offer a well-rounded selection for any interior space. True design freedom is available with new Acrovyn by Design®. Nearly any image or message can be protected on the walls for a totally unique creation.

Available in standard and custom colors

24 chameleon simulated wood & metal finishes

Heavy Duty Wall Protection

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Download the brochure

Indestructable Now Comes in Door Frames

When we developed the Acrovyn® Door, it changed the industry. Finally there was a door that could stand up to the abuse in commercial facilities. It didn’t take long before customers started to ask, “What about the frames? They get damaged, too!” Introducing the new Acrovyn Frame System! This new system is composed of our durable Acrovyn sheet installed on our new steel frame built to your specifications.

  • Durability: Designed to stand up to whatever facilities dish out and perform just like our Acrovyn Doors, keeping the entire opening looking like new.
  • Easy to Install: The Acrovyn wrap, formed to each specific frame, has mitered ends at the jamb and header and is prepped for hardware. The Acrovyn wrap quickly and securely locks to our frame, eliminating the need for any adhesive.
  • Replaceability: Constantly repairing and painting frames becomes costly and time consuming, and you end up with the same result just months down the road. Just like our Acrovyn Door edges, the Acrovyn wrap featured on our frame is field replaceable if ever damaged, so door frames no longer have to be facility eyesores.
  • Solid Colors and Chameleon™ Patterns: Available in all of our standard colors and Chameleon patterns, for better coordination and overall aesthetic options at each opening.
  • Cleanability: Features the same material as our doors, so it is just as easy to clean, as well as bacterial and fungal resistant.