Fire & Vapor Barrier Systems

Our fire and vapor barrier systems are designed to be used with most of our expansion joint cover assemblies. All fire barrier systems have been tested at Underwriters Laboratories and are UL Classified and Labeled.

FB-97 Fire Barrier

FB-97 utilizes multiple layers of advanced composite insulation materials, separated by strategically-designed…

Monoflex (OFX) Fire Barrier

Monoflex is a blanket-type fire barrier designed for larger floor and wall…

Multiflex® (MFX) Fire Barrier

Multiflex is a patented blanket-type fire barrier system designed for larger floor…

Reflex® (RFX) Fire Barrier

Reflex is an innovative and cost effective fire barrier system that can…

UltraBlock Fire Barrier

UltraBlock is a compressible expansion joint fire barrier system that provides up…

Vapor Barrier Systems

Our expansion joint vapor barrier systems can be placed under or behind…

Custom Covers for Unique Projects

CS has been helping architects solve complex building movement problems for over 45 years. Since every project has its own special movement criteria, one of our standard designs may not be right for your project. A large percentage of our projects require custom expansion joint covers. The CS team of technical experts can design a custom cover to meet your project’s specific requirements. And with the industry’s only full-scale expansion joint test chamber, we can show you in person that your expansion joint cover will function as designed and will work under real-life conditions. Our test chamber is capable of testing the world’s largest joint covers.

Flame resistant

Real metal provides great performance and aesthetics

UL certified

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Download the brochure
Download the brochure

How to Prepare for a Fire Barrier Installation

General ConsiderationsWhat fire rating are you trying to achieve?

  • Be sure to select the appropriate UL Listed product for the application
  • Check that your job site conditions are the same as the UL Listing

Floor Installation PrepAre your concrete surfaces properly?

  • Surface mounted covers require a square, clean joint
  • Blockouts must be level for recessed covers
  • Set the substrate at the correct elevation prior to fire barrier installation

Wall Installation PrepAre your substrates finished correctly?

  • Drywall must be installed on the inside of the joint
  • Joint edges must be parallel to one another
  • Be sure the proper blocking connection points are made, if applicable*
  • Be mindful of floor fire barriers above and below for proper transitioning

CS Expansion Joint Covers division provides the service you expect and the products you need. Find out which of our complete line of fire barriers meets your rating requirements.