Extreme Weather

CS Extreme Weather Louvers are built to withstand extreme hurricane, tornado and tropical storm conditions.

Drainable Extreme Weather Louvers

CS Drainable Extreme Weather Louvers are the right choice when your building needs a louver…

Storm Resistant Extreme Weather Louvers

CS Extreme Weather Miami-Dade County Approved Louvers are the right choice when your building…

Continuous Storm Resistant AMCA 540/550 Louvers

CS Continuous Storm Resistant AMCA 540/550 Louvers are the right choice when your building…

Vertical Storm Resistant AMCA 540/550 Louvers

CS Vertical Storm Resistant AMCA 540 550 Louvers are the right choice when your…

FEMA 361 Louvers

CS FEMA 361 Louvers are for use in Tornado and Hurricane Safe…

Ventilation isn't a restriction. It's an opportunity.

Louvers by Construction Specialties let architects do what they’ve always wanted: defy traditional airflow design conventions to achieve their true vision – without sacrificing performance. So go head. Give your airflow system protection from the elements. Conceal it while still allowing air to flow. Hide mechanical elements in a functional form of the building’s own skin. Indulge your imagination and specify a louver that we don’t even manufacture – yet. CS will work with you to design a custom louver solution and test it in our exclusive AMCA-certified test chamber. Do all of that with a full palette of textures, colors and finishes at your disposal.

Powder coating available on all metal components

Miami-Dade County Approved Louver

Extreme Weather Louver

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Download the brochure

Flawless Weather Resistance

Choose extreme weather architectural louvers when your building:

  • Needs a louver that has passed the Miami-Dade County impact test
  • Requires total envelope protection from hurricanes – including up to 170 PSF wind loads, missile protection and 100% water penetration
  • Will be subjected to extreme weather from hurricanes, tornadoes and tropical storms
  • Needs a louver to integrate with CENTRIA Formawall® Dimension Series® insulated metal panel system