Colors & Finishes

Acrovyn products are available in 68 solid colors, 24 Chameleon patterns, 12 textures and 6 Acrovyn by Design patterns. Acrovyn Renaissance products are available in 6 real wood species and 7 powder coated metal finishes.

Acrovyn Solid Colors

Acrovyn is available in over 70 standard solid colors. Custom colors are…

Chameleon Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn is available in 24 Chameleon simulated patterns. Custom patterns are available…

Acrovyn by Design Pattern Collection

Acrovyn by Design pattern collection includes 6 unique designs, each with 12…

Acrovyn Texture Collection

The Acrovyn Texture Collection contains 12 dimensional patterns. Textures available in 68…

The Acrovyn® Difference

PVC-free Acrovyn 4000 contains no halogens, monomers or other known persistent PBTs, is tested to CAN/ULC 5102.02 and is UL Classifies, Class A/1 fire-rated and labeled. This revolutionary material has a contemporary texture that designers and owners overwhelmingly prefer over other companies’ wall protection because of its cleanability and aesthetic features. Acrovyn’s full creative palette includes solid colors, Chameleon patterns and real woods to offer a well-rounded selection for any interior space. True design freedom is available with new Acrovyn by Design®. Nearly any image or message can be protected on the walls for a totally unique creation.

Available in standard and custom colors

Available in 12 textures

24 chameleon simulated wood & metal finishes

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