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CS Product Launch: Integra™ Wall Protection

Construction Specialties Pioneers Integrated End Cap Technology

For as long as wall protection profiles (corner guards, crash rails, and handrails) have existed, they coexisted with sometimes troublesome end caps and corner transitions.  Until now, these end caps were manufactured from different materials and processes than the main wall protection profiles (injection-molded ABS versus extruded PVC or PETG, for example).  This difference in materials and processes can be challenging for even the highest quality manufacturers of these products.  Classic end cap woes included misaligned and improperly-fitting end caps, inconsistent color and texture, and even occasional end cap disengagement.  Have you experienced any of these problems?  If you’ve been around wall protection, you probably have.

Construction Specialties is proud to offer customers the solution through the integrated end cap technology of Acrovyn Integra.

Integra eliminates the need for dissimilar, mismatched end caps by integrating the end cap into a single, monolithic profile.  Integra is available in continuous lengths up to 4 meters with an integral right or left-hand end cap.  The only visible seams in an Integra installation are the simple, inconspicuous splices between continuous lengths of material.  Integra also offers customers labor savings by eliminating the need to manage and install costly and separate end cap or corner transition pieces.

Besides eliminating all of the problems with classic end caps, there is another breakthrough advantage of Integra.  With Integra by Design, Construction Specialties is finally able to offer almost any wall protection product in an endless variety of Acrovyn by Design digital graphic prints, with perfectly-matching, integrated end caps. While we encourage you to try our new Integra products, we will continue offering classic profiles and end caps to provide a flexible range of products to meet our customers’ needs.

Integra has been put through rigorous impact testing to ensure that it raises the bar in every aspect to traditional wall protection products with separate end caps.  Still not convinced?  Let us send you a sample so you can see and feel the difference of Integra.  You’ll never be disappointed by end caps again.

Click here to view the Integra product line.


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