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Expansion Joint Covers: Transitioning Roof to Exterior

As a supplier of expansion joint covers, we have had our share of headaches and problems with roof transitions, and we have come to understand their importance. So what’s the problem? If everyone follows the specifications there shouldn’t be any issues, right? Not exactly! A lot of times the specifications do not clearly direct the responsibility of the transitions.

The roofer may say, “I am only responsible to supply the roof expansion joint cover.” And the exterior panel installer may say, “I am only installing the exterior wall expansion joint covers.” So, the question becomes: who is responsible for the transition between the two planes?

Photos 1 -3 below shows varying unsuccessful results of this exact case scenario.


Photo 1 illustrates a Vertical Expansion Joint Cover installed above the roof line. Modifications to the vertical cover would be required in order for the roof cover to tie into it, which could damage the integrity of the vertical cover itself.

Photo 2 demonstrates a roof membrane simply draped over the exterior wall expansion joint. Take notice to the gaping hole. This is an attraction for moisture, air, and insects to enter the enclosed space.

Photo 3 illustrates yet another unsuccessful attempt at a watertight transition.

The greatest risk of these situations is a leaky connection, and the last thing any owner wants is a leak in his or her new building, which could lead to numerous other issues.

So, the question becomes: who is responsible for the transition between the two planes?

The recommended solution is to contract through a single material supplier for both applications (roof and exterior wall applications). This creates a smooth transition not only with material designs, but also with the responsibility associated with it. Construction Specialties provides factory fabricated transitions to line up with our exterior expansion joint wall covers. The end result will be functional transitions, along with aesthetically pleasing application. See Photos 4 and 5.

Photos 4 and 5 clearly provide a nice clean line with a manufactured closure at the roof end at the top of the photos. What is not immediately apparent is that the moisture barriers are securely tied together behind the aesthetic end cap.

This is a win/win for the Owner, Architect, Contractor, and the Supplier.

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